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Globodox Export can be used to export the documents along with its indexed information from the Globodox DB to a Excel file. This export file can be used as a backup or can be used to import these documents along with its indexed information in other Databases or programs.

You can export your data to a Excel file by clicking the Export button.

To Export Data to a Excel file

1.In Globodox, open the DB whose data you want to export.
2.Once the DB is opened, select Workspace > All Documents in the Navigation pane. If you wish to export data from a Document Type or Stack Type then select that Document Type or Stack Type.
3.Select the Home tab and click the Export button in the Collaborate group. The Export wizard will now be launched.
4.The Start a new Export section displays the DB and the item that is going to be exported. Click the Next button to go the next page.
5.The data that is going to be exported will be displayed on left pane of the Data Export window.
6.Select a theme to format the data from the Themes drop down. You can also create a new theme by clicking the Customize... button.
7.Select the columns you want to export from the right pane i.e. the Columns pane.
8.You can rearrange the columns order as per your wish by using the Up Arrow button and Down Arrow button.
9.Select the item you want to export.
a)If you want to export the data displayed on the current page then select the Export Current Page option.
b)If you want to export all the data then select the Export All Pages option.
c)If you want to export only the selected data then select the Export Selected option.
10.Check the Export Column Names option to export the column names (column headers).
11.Check the Export Documents option to export the documents.
12.Check the Use full file path option to export the entire path of the file for e.g. C:\Pictures\Acme.jpg.(This option is only available if the Export Documents option is checked)
13.Check the Use document title as file name option to export the documents with the document title as the file name. By default this option is checked. (This option is only available if the Export Documents option is checked)
14.Click the Next button to go to the next page.
15.Select the Excel option from the File Type drop down to export the data as a MS Excel file.
16.Click the Browse button besides the Destination box to select the destination to save the exported file. Or type the location to save the file in the Destination box.
17.Click the Export button to begin exporting the data. If you want to view the exported Excel file then click the Open folder button.
18.Once the data is exported click the Close button to close the wizard.



To start a new export click the Export More... button.
Go to the previous page click the Previous button located on the top left corner of the wizard.

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