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You can export Globodox folders along with all the sub folders and documents to any destination on your local disk (retaining the folder hierarchy).


To Export Globodox folder structure

1.In Globodox, select Folders node in the Navigation pane.
2.Right click a Folder and select the Export Folder option. The Export Folder dialog will now be launched.
3.In the Select a folder to export to box, click the Folder icon to select the location to export the Globodox Folders.
4.Check the Include sub-folders option to export the sub-folders of the selected folder.
5.Click the Export button to export the selected folder. The selected folder will now be exported.



Click the Double Arrow button to view the following advanced options.
Merge Folders: Check this option to merge the sub-folders of the selected folder. In this case only the documents of the selected folders and its sub-folders will be exported.
Export only folder structure: Check this option to import only the folder structures and not the documents.


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