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You can fax a document from Globodox by right-clicking it and selecting the Fax option.


To Fax a Document

1.Select the document you want to fax from the List View pane.
2.Click the Fax button of the Home tab, Or right click the document and select the Fax option. The Fax dialog box will now be launched.
3.Select a fax printer to the send the fax from the Selected Fax printer drop-down.
4.If you want to send multiple documents as a single fax then make sure that the Merge all documents in a single fax option is checked. Please note that this option is only available if you have selected multiple documents.
5.Check the Set this printer as the default fax printer option to make the selected fax printer as the default.
6.In the Page Range section specify the range of pages to be printed.
a)Select the All Pages option to print all the pages of the selected document.
b)Select the Pages option and type specific page numbers or a page ranges separated by commas counting from the start of the document. For e.g. Type 1, 3 if you want to print the first and the third page of the document or type 4-8 if you want to print pages starting from the fourth page to the eighth page.
7.Select the Print with annotations option to fax the document along with the annotations.
a)Select the users whose annotations you want to print in the User Name section.
b)Check the Include User Information option to include their annotations.
8.Click the OK button to fax the document.
You can only Fax PDF files and image files; e.g. Tiff files.


Currently you can only fax PDF documents and image files. You can fax documents belonging to different file format by using their associated application.
You can also use Route feature in Globodox to route documents or tasks (for e.g. approval of documents) to a user(s).For more details click here, Route.

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