For Users upgrading from version 7.6 or earlier

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If you have upgraded from version 7.6 or earlier, you will see the following changes in the scanning features in Globodox:

Current Scan Settings Summary
A summary of the current scan settings is displayed below the Scan Profile drop-down. So when you choose a profile, you can see a quick summary of the scan settings stored in the selected profile. If after you select a profile, you make some changes to any of the scan settings, then the summary will be updated to show the changed settings.

You can now automatically despeckle scanned images during the scanning process
A new option has been added to automatically despeckle the scanned image during the scanning process. When you select this option before scanning a document, it will remove noise (tiny black spots) from the scanned image.

Virtual Duplex Scanning mode
Globodox can handle duplex scanning even if your scanner does not have built-in support for duplex scanning.

DPI settings are now adjusted depending on the scanner
Prior to version 7.6, Globodox used to support a fixed set DPIs (150, 200, 300) for all types of scanners. Now the DPI will be shown depending on the scanner. If your scanner supports 600 dpi, you can scan the document using this DPI.

Better quality Black and White scanning
The quality of Black and White scanned images is now better than in the previous versions.

Scan Preview window offers 2 view options
The Scan Preview window now allows you to select a Page view (each scanned page displayed as a single thumbnail) or Document view (each scanned multi-page document displayed as single thumbnail) of the scanned documents.

Separator pages (Blank page or Barcode) now made clearly visible in the Scan Preview window
Separator pages (Blank page or Barcode) are now displayed in the Scan Preview window so you can see if a non-separator page has been wrongly detected as a separator page.

Reverse of scanned documents now made identifiable
When documents are duplex scanned, the Scan Preview window makes it easy to differentiate between the front and reverse of the document. It displays the reverse of the page with this  icon at the bottom left of the page preview.
Some scan settings can now be changed after pages have been scanned
You can now now choose the file format in which to save scanned documents even after you have scanned your documents. Based on the file format you choose you can also specify if you wanted the documents to be saved as single page document or multi-page documents.

If you have scanned 4 pages and selected the format as JPEG then Globodox will create 4 different documents of one page each. But if you choose PDF or TIFF, you choose to save all 4 pages as a single multi-page file. When you change file format settings (or single/multi-page settings), Globodox will rearrange the documents in the preview pane so it is easy to see how the pages will be saved.

Scanned documents now added based on last set file type settings
In previous versions of Globodox, you could scan multiple documents each with a different file format in the same scan session. From version 8, however, the scanned documents are added to Globodox based on the last set file type settings.

If you have scanned 2 pages of different file formats (first a PDF and then a JPG) in the same scan session and now want to add them, Globodox will add the documents as 2 different JPG files because the last selected file type was JPG. In the previous versions, it would have added the documents as one PDF and one JPG file.



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