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What is a Globodox DB?

The database that Globodox uses to store information about documents that you have added is known as a Globodox DB. Globodox DBs can be MS Access based, MS SQL Server based or MySQL based.

Do I have to create a Globodox DB?

Globodox ships with a default Globodox DB, which you can open and use. This is a MS Access based Globodox DB called Main.GXDB.

Can I change the type of the Main.GXDB?

Yes you can change the type of the Main.GXDB (or any other Globodox DB) at anytime. For example you can convert a MS Access based Globodox DB to a MS SQL Server based Globodox DB or a MySQL based Globodox DB.

What is the Master DB?

The MainDB.gxdb which is shipped by default, is designated as the Master DB. This means that apart from your indexing data it also holds security information about Roles, Users and Groups. Any additional DBs you create can only hold indexing data and the Master DB will always be used for Security Data.
There can only be one MasterDB in a Globodox installation.

How many Globodox DBs can I create?

You can create as many Globodox DBs as you want. However this feature has been mainly included for backward compatibility. Given the current feature set in Globodox, you should not need to create more than one Globodox DB.

Are the documents I add to a Globodox DB, stored inside the Globodox DB?

No the documents you add to a Globodox DB are copied and stored in a normal Windows folder linked to that Globodox DB. Only the references to the documents are stored in the Globodox DB. This ensures that your documents are safe and available to you even if you stop using Globodox. The folder in which a Globodox DB's documents are stored is known as the File Store. Each Globodox DB has it's own File Store folder. A single Globodox DB can be linked to one or more File Stores.

For more information about Globodox DBs,click here

Is there a limit to the amount of data the system can handle using Access?

Globodox itself does not impose any limits. The only limits are those imposed by the database in use (e.g. MS Access, MS SQL Server or MySQL) and your hardware (Processor, RAM etc.).

It is difficult to state the limits in terms of number of document types and stacks because it depends on the numbers and type of fields defined etc. For e.g. A MS Access based Globodox DB can be as large as 2 GB in size and MS SQL server based Globodox DBs can be as large as 1,048,516 TB (Terabytes) in size.

Please note that Globodox does not store the added documents inside the database. Therefore the size of documents is not restricted by this. Globodox only stores the indexing information about the documents in the database and even a 2 GB database would be able to store indexing information about a very large number of documents.


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