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Note: When the text below uses the term Globodox Document it is referring to any document that you have stored in Globodox.

Globodox Drive lets you access Globodox documents via the familiar Windows Explorer interface. Globodox Drive appears like any other drive under My Computer in Windows Explorer. Globodox Drive also lets you add documents to Globodox via drag and drop in Windows Explorer.

Apart from this, Globodox Drive gives you access to any Public Capture Folders you have defined. This provides a very quick and easy way to add and categorize documents in Globodox. You can also easily access all your checked out documents via Globodox Drive.

Since Globodox Drive integrates with Windows Explorer, it is also visible when you open the File Open Box from any Windows application. This means you can open a Globodox Document for viewing from within any Windows application.  This is especially useful when attaching documents to an email that you are sending (for e.g. via MS Outlook or Gmail running in your browser) or for viewing any documents from within its native application.

While you can open a Globodox Document for viewing from any Windows application, editing the document and saving it back to Globodox (which would require the document to be checked-out and then checked back in) is not currently supported. Also creating a new document in an application and using the Save or Save As options in that application for adding the new document to Globodox is not currently supported.


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