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The Introduction section consists of topics which will give you basic information about Globodox. After going through this section you should have a basic understanding of Globodox.

Read the topics in this section and then go through the Getting Started section.
Once you have familiarized yourself with the Globodox user interface, please consider reading the following sections...
Add a Document
Scan and Add a Document
Index Document
Search a Document


You can now go through the more advanced topics like...
Stack Types
Document Types
Globodox DB
Globodox Security
Globodox Workflow

Note for users upgrading from Version 4.x

Globodox features a completely redesigned user interface and introduces some new concepts. We recommend that you read the Introduction to new concepts in Globodox section, the FAQ's for users using Version 4.x section and also the What's New section before reading other parts of this help file.



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