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The Globodox Server gets installed when you install Globodox in server mode on your machine. It must only be installed on one machine on the network and must always be running in order for any Globodox application to work.

By default the Globodox Server runs on port 5511. You must ensure that on the machine on which Globodox Server is installed, the firewall is configured to allows connections on port 5511.

Globodox Server can be configured to run on any other port. For this...

On the Windows Start menu, click on Globodox Admin Tools > Globodox Server
On your Windows System Tray, right click the icon for Globodox Server
Click on Settings...
Globodox Server Settings Dialog will be displayed
In the text box labeled Port, enter the new port number and click on the Check button
Globodox will confirm if the new port can be used
Now click on OK


The Globodox Server will start listening for connections on the new port. Please ensure that you configure Windows Firewall on the server to allow incoming connections over the new port.



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