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The Globodox Printer allows you to print a document from any Windows application and automatically add the printed document as a searchable PDF file in Globodox. Example of some types of documents you may want to print via the Globodox Printer include…

1.A web page you are viewing in any web browser
2.Receipts from online transactions
3.Reports from other software applications you use such as Accounting, CRM or ERP applications.

To use the Globodox Printer, from any Windows application simply choose the menu option to Print (usually File > Print...) the document you are viewing. From the Print Dialog that is displayed select the printer named Globodox and hit Print.

The document will be printed to the Globodox Printer which will convert the printout into a searchable PDF file and add it to Globodox.

If a Default Capture Folder* has been set for the machine, then the Globodox Printer will add the PDF to that folder. If no capture folder has been set as default then Globodox will display a list of all your Local and Global Capture Folders. You can then choose the capture folder you want.


*Note: Globodox ships with one Global Capture Folder called MainDB which is set as default. Documents added to this capture folder are added to the Globodox MainDB.


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