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When trying to scan and add documents, instead of choosing a scanner, you can choose to import pre-scanned images for further processing and then addition to Globodox.

Currently you can only use this feature if your scanner can save scanned images as single page TIFF files. You must scan and save as single page TIFF files,even when scanning multi-page documents. If you have scanned multi-page documents Globodox will combine these these image files into multi-page TIFF or PDF files when you import them into Globodox via the Import Scanned Files from Folder option.

You may want to use this option for any of the following reasons...

1) Your scanner does not support TWAIN but can save images of scanned pages as TIFF files in a folder

2) Your scanner supports TWAIN but its TWAIN driver is slow or buggy

3) Your scanner performs much faster when directly saving scanned images to a folder (as compared to scanning via TWAIN)

4) Your scanner offers a lot of advanced features which are not available via TWAIN.


To use this feature...

Click on the Scan button on the ribbon bar to launch the Scan Window
From the Select a scanner drop-down, choose the Import Scanned Files from Folder option
Click on the Start Scan button
You will be prompted to select the folder which contains the scanned images (single page TIFF files only)
Change settings via the Settings tab if required
Click the Add button to add the documents





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