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What are File Store?

The folder/location in which Globodox stores any files you add to a Globodox DB is called the File Store.

File Store can be a local folder on your disk, a shared folder on your network or a folder on a FTP server.
Every Globodox DB has at least one File Store but a single DB can have multiple File Stores as well.
Each Globodox DB must always have one File Store designated as the Default File Store
The Default File Store is the same as other File Store except for the fact that all newly added documents (including scanned documents) are saved in this folder.
A Globodox DB cannot have more than one Default File Store at anytime.
You can set any File Store as the Default File Store at anytime.
A local/shared folder based File Store can be converted to a FTP based File Store at anytime

Some uses for File Store...

If the storage device on which your File Store is located is running out of space...

a) You can simply add a new device, create a new File Store on the new device and set it as the default File Store, OR

b) You can create a new File Store on another machine on the network

File Stores also enable storage of documents related to a Globodox DB on removable devices like CDs, Zip Disks etc..

For example these would be the steps, if you wanted to move some of the documents to a CD...

Create a new File Store on the removable device

Move the required documents from other File Store to the new File Store

That's it!

If disk space is a problem on one machine File Store can also be used to move older or rarely used files to other machines on the network.


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