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A group is a collection of users. Groups can be used to quickly assign identical privileges to a set of users.

By default the following groups are automatically created…

Administrators - A user called Administrator is automatically created and made member of this group.

Users - New users are automatically added to this group. This group cannot be deleted.

Each user must be a member of at least one group. Users can be members of multiple groups but only one group can be set as the users Primary Group.  


When any user adds an item (i.e. Document or Stack), the user becomes the owner of that item. At the same time, the user's primary group becomes the owning group of that item. Because of this any users belonging to the same group can automatically get access to this item if their access level for any privilege is set to Group Owned or higher.
You can think of the Primary Group as the department to which the user belongs in the organization. Apart from the primary groups users can belong to other groups as well. These groups can be thought of as other departments or temporary teams that the user is also a part of.
Users working together on a project can be made members of a group. Since documents can be shared with individual users or entire groups, this makes it easy to quickly share documents with the entire project team. Yet, to maintain security, access to documents is based on hierarchical security groups.



You cannot delete groups but you can deactivate them. However you cannot deactivate a group if it has been set as a users' primary group.
When a user is assigned an item (i.e. when a user is made owner of an item), then the user's primary group is made the owning group of that item.
A user can be a member of multiple groups
Sharing to a group instead of a user is possible
A group can also be used in security labels

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