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Security Label is like a key or a token which can be provided to users to perform a task that they are not authorized to do on the entity that you own.

When you Share an item with other users you also grant them privileges which decide what actions they can perform on the shared item. If you frequently apply the same Share settings to the same set of users, then we recommend you to use Security Labels. A Security Label let you save and re-use you frequently used share settings. Whenever you want to share an item all you need to do is select that item and apply the Security Label.

Security Label can be applied to a document and a non-document entity.
In the earlier version of Globodox (Version 5 onwards), when a Security Label was created, you had to specify whether the Label was for a document or a non-document entity. A Security Label that was created for a document could only be applied for a document and not for a non-document entity and vice versa. However this has been changed from version onwards. Now, you don't have to create separate labels for a document or a non-document entity. The same label can be used for both.

The following Privileges are available for a Security Label...


View documents in Globodox


Modify Documents in Globodox


Delete documents


Link documents


Assign documents to another user i.e. change the owner of the document


Share documents with other users


Restrict a user from viewing documents

Set Security Label

Set Security Label for a document


Annotate a document


Perform any action which would allow distribution of the documents e.g. Print, Fax, Email etc..

Edit Metadata

Edit data field value of a document

Set Document Type

Set document Type for a document

Set Folder

Set a folder for a document


Add Tags to documents

Initiate Workflow


Mark as Archive

Mark a document as Archived

Mark as Record

Mark a Document as Record

Mark as Vital

Mark a document as Vital

Unmark as Record

Unmark a document marked as Record

Unmark as Vital

Unmark a document marked as Vital




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