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Links can be used when you do not want to relate or add a document to a Stack, but you want to maintain a connection between them so that you can refer to documents from its linked stack and vice versa, in other words you want them to be loosely linked and not strongly linked. You can link single document with Stacks


To Link a Document to an Existing Stack

1.Select a document from the List View pane. The document will now be displayed in the Documents Details pane.
2.Click the Links tab on the left bar of the Document Details pane. The Links panel will now be displayed.
3.The Stack that are already linked to the selected document will be displayed in the Linked Stacks section. Click the Link button and select the Link existing Stacks option. The Look Up window will be launched.
4.Select a Stack Type from the Look for drop-down and type a word which best describes the Stack in the Look for box and click the Find button.
5.The Stack that contains the word that you have entered in the Look for box will be displayed in the Available Data list.
6.Select the Stack in the Available Data list. Use this button to add the selected Stack to the Selected Data list and use this button to remove the Stack from the Selected Data list and move them back to the Available Data list.
7.Click the OK button to select the Stack. The selected Stack will now be displayed in the Linked Stacks list.


When you link a document with a Stack, a loose link is created between the two i.e. If you delete a  document, its linked Stack will not be deleted and vice versa.
You can click the document displayed in the Linked Documents list to open it in the Document Details window.
You can create a strong link between a document and a Stack, For more information, see Relate a Document to a Stack.

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