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You can merge a tag with another tag in the Navigation pane...


To Merge a Tag with another Tag

1.In the Navigation pane, select the tag you want to merge.
2.Drag it and drop it onto the tag into which you want to merge it. This will delete the merged tag from the Tags node and add its documents to the other tag.
While adding the tag 'Approved' to a set of documents, if you misspelled it as 'Aprovd' in some of the documents, you can merge the latter tag into the former by using drag and drop as outlined above. The 'Aprovd' tag will get deleted and all documents bearing it will get added to the 'Approved' tag. Now every document under this tag will bear the tag with the correct spelling.



Merging of tags is a 'Merge Tags' privilege in the Other Privileges section under any Role. The role can be assigned to different users as per the requirement.
Merging of tags also helps in rectifying situations where multiple users accidentally create similar tags. Only one correct tag needs to be retained. The other similar tags can be merged into this one.


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