Merge Two or More Scanned Documents

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You can merge two or more scanned documents as a single document by using the Merge button on the Scan window. This option is only available from the scan window.


To Merge two or more Scanned documents

1.In Globodox, select the Home tab and click the Scan button. The Scan Window will now be launched.
2.You can select a Scan Profile from the Select a scan profile drop-down.
3.Select a scanner from the Select a Scanner drop down.
4.Click the Start Scan button to scan the documents. The thumbnails scanned documents will now be displayed in the Preview pane of the Scan window.
5.From the preview pane select the documents that you want to merge.
6.Now, click the Merge button.
7.You can specify the location to add the merged document in the Destination tab (optional).
8.Now, click the Add button to add the merged document to the Globodox DB. The merged document will now be added.
9.Click the Close button to close the Scan window.


If you have a flat bed scanner then you can use the Merge feature to save the single page scanned documents as multi-page documents.
Check the Show scanner interface before scanning option if you want the user interface of your scanner driver to be displayed while scanning.
You can create a Scan Profile to save the frequently used scan settings. Also see Destination Profiles
You can use the Settings tab to change or set the scan setting.

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