Modify a System Role

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You can modify a default system role for e.g. the Admin role or Writer (All Items) role and save it as a new role.


To Modify a system Role

1.In Globodox, select Settings > System Settings > Roles in the Navigation pane. The default Roles will be displayed in the right pane i.e. Roles list.
2.Double click a default role to open it in its window.
3.Modify the privileges as per your requirements.
4.Enter a new name for the modified role in the Role Name box of the Information tab.
5.Click the Save and Close button to create the role and close the window. The role will now be displayed in the Roles list.



You can click the Save and New button to save a new Role and open the New Role window to create a new Role.
You can assign a Role to a user, for more info see, Assign Role to a User

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