Move File Store to Another Location

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You can move a File store from one location to another and then point Globodox to the new location.


To Move a File Store to another Location

1.Move the File Store of the Database to the new location. Please make sure that this location is accessible on the network and the file store has all the necessary share and security permissions.
2.Start Globodox and login as the superadmin.
3.Open the DB whose File Store is move to the new location. Please note that a "File not found" message will be displayed.
4.Click Settings > DB Settings in the Navigation Pane.
5.Select the File Store node. The File Store will be displayed in the right pane, i.e. the File Stores list.
6.Double click the current Default File Store from the File Stores list. The File Store window will now be launched.
7.Click the Browse... button to specify the new location of the file store
8.Click the OK button to select the new location.
9.Click the Save and close button to save the settings.
10.Now, go to to Workspace. The documents will now be displayed.



You can only change the path of an existing File Store if...

You have manually copied or moved the File Store to another location, or
You have restored the File Store (from a Globodox backup) to a new location

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