Restore a Backed-up MySQL DB

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You can use the mysqldump application to restore your backed MySQL Server based Globodox DB. You will require the latest Backup copy of the Master DB, i.e. the MainDB its cache file i.e. the MainDB_cache, all the MySQL Server based Globodox DB along with their linked folder which contains the File Store. Also see, Backup MySQL Server based Globodox DB


The backed-up DB files i.e. the .sql files should be located in the Bin folder, which is usually located in the C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\Bin folder


To Restore a Backed-up MySQL Server based Globodox DB

1.Make sure Globodox is not running.
2.Start MySQL Command Line Client. The MySQL Command Line Client will now be launched.
3.Enter the admin password and hit Enter to login.
4.Create a DB to import the backed-up data. To create a DB type the following...

create database [database name];

[database name] = name of the DB

For example: create database MainDB;

5.Hit the Enter key to create the DB.The DB will now be created.
6.Select the created DB to restore the backed-up data. To select the DB type...

use [database name];

[database name] = name of the DB

For example: use MainDB;


7.Hit the Enter key to select the DB.The DB will now be selected.
8.Specify the backed-up file to restore the data. To specify the file type...

source [dump sql];

[dump sql] = The name of the backup file

For example: source MainDBbackup.sql;

9.Hit the Enter key to restore the DB.The DB will now be restored.
10.Follow steps 4-9 to restore the MainDB_cache.
11.Once you have backed-up MainDB and MainDB_cache, close the Command Prompt.
12.You will now have to restore the DB's File Store i.e. its linked folder which contains the File Store.
13.Unzip this backed up folder that contains the File Store i.e. the MainDB and add it to the folder where Globodox databases are stored. This is usually the C:\Globodox Databases folder.
The DB is now completely restored and ready to use.
14.Start Globodox, click Settings > System Settings > DB List node.
15.Click the New button to add the restored DB to Globodox DB List. The DB Details window will now be launched.
16.Select MySQL DB option from the DB Type drop-down.
17.Provide the machine name and the login details of the MySQL Server.
18.Once you are connected to the MySQL server, all the DB's will be listed in the Globodox DB Name drop-down. Type the DB name or select the DB that you have restored from the Globodox DB Name drop-down and click the OK button.
19.When you open this DB, you may be prompted to specify the File Store for the DB. Point it to the 'C:\Globodox Databases' folder.
Follow the same steps to restore the other backed-up DB's
20.Now, unzip the multi-user.gdx file and paste it in the ITAZ\Globodox folder created under the folder designated as the Common Application Data folder in your Windows installation.
For Windows Vista/Windows 2008/Windows 7, this will be the C:\ProgramData\ITAZ\Globodox folder.
For Windows 2000/XP/2003 this will be C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ITAZ\Globodox



The restore process may take some time depending on the size of the backed-up Globodox DB being restored.

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