Scan and Save Documents to Multiple New Stacks

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You can scan documents and save documents to multiple new stacks by using the Scan window.


To Scan and Save documents to Multiple new Stacks

1.In Globodox, select the Home tab and click the Scan button. This will bring up the Scan Window.
2.Select a scanner from the Select a Scanner drop down.
3.Click the Settings tab to set the scan settings.
4.Select the scan area from the Select scan area drop-down to choose the size of the page you are scanning. If you want to specify co-ordinates to scan only a part of the page, then click the Options... button. Clicking the Options... button will launch the Scan Area window.
5.Check the Use document feeder option to scan documents placed in the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) tray of your scanner. This option only has effect if your scanner has an ADF attachment.
6.Check the Scan both sides option to scan both the sides of the document. Please note that duplex scanning is a scanner dependent feature. If your scanner supports duplex scanning then Globodox will support it.
7.Select the file type from Select the file type option to save the scanned document. For e.g. If you want to save the scanned document as pdf select the PDF option from the drop down.
8.Select the color you want to scan in, from the Select color depth drop-down.
9.Set the scan DPI(Dots Per Inch) from the Set scan DPI option. The Dots Per Inch option controls the amount of dots which must be captured per inch of the document being scanned.
10.Select an appropriate option from the Documents and Pages section. For e.g. If your documents have fixed number of pages then select the Scan multi-page documents option and then the Number of Pages per document option to specify number of pages per document.
11.In the right pane of the Scan window check the Create multiple new stacks for scanned documents option to scan and save documents to multiple new stacks. Click the Configure button. The Configure New Stacks for Scanned Documents window will be launched.
a)If your documents has fixed number of pages then specify the number of pages the document has, in the Number of Pages per stack option. For example: you would choose 2 from this option if you were scanning 10 documents and each document had two pages (a total of 20 pages).
b)If you are using a separator to separate the documents then the Stacks are separated by option. By default the Stack Barcode Separator Page (Document with Barcode) will be selected. Click the Click here to print separator pages link to create a Separator Page.
For example:
Let's say you want to scan around 10 pages comprising 4 documents (with each document containing 2, 4, 1 and 3 pages respectively). To separate these documents, all you need to do is place a Stack Barcode Separator Page after every document (For this example you will need to place it after the 2nd, 6th and 7th page).
c)Click the OK button to apply the settings.
12.Click the Start Scan button to start scanning the document. The scanned documents will now be added to the Stacks and will be displayed in the Preview pane of the Scan window.
13.You can modify the scanned document by using the Image Toolbar of the Preview pane.
14.Click the Close button to close the Scan window.


Check the Show scanner interface before scanning option if you want the user interface of your scanner driver to be displayed while scanning.
You can create a Scan Profile to save the frequently used scan settings. Also see Destination Profiles
You can also automate your scanning process, for more information, see Automate the Scan Process

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