Scan and Add a Document

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What do you want to do?

Scan Window
Learn about the Scan Window

Is Globodox TWAIN Complaint?
Scanners and TWAIN Compliance.

Scan and Add a Single Document
Scan a document to a Globodox DB.

Scan Multiple Single Paged Document
Batch Scan documents to a Globodox DB.

Scan All Pages as One Document
Merge pages to create a single document.

Scan Documents with Variable Number of Pages
Separate various documents in a Batch Scan.

Scan Documents with Fixed Number of Pages
Scan documents with fixed number of pages

Scan and Save Documents to Multiple New Stacks
Scan and add documents to multiple new Stacks

Replace Document by Scanning
Replace a file from the DB with the scanned document.

Scan Color Documents
Scan colored documents to Globodox DB.

Save the Frequently Used Scan Settings as a Scan Profile
Save frequently used Scan Settings for later re-use.

Automate the Scan Process
Automate your scan process

Merge Two or More Scanned Documents
Merge two or more scanned documents

Insert a Page to a Multi-paged Document
Add pages to an existing multi-page PDF and tiff files

Image Editor Window
Use Image editor to edit scanned documents

Specify Document Title of the Scanned Document
Specify document title when scanning documents.

Enhance Scanned Documents
Enhance scanned documents by using Image editor tools.

For Users upgrading from version 7.6 or earlier
Learn about changes in the scanning feature effective version 8




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