Scanners & TWAIN Compliance

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Is Globodox TWAIN complaint?

Yes. Globodox is TWAIN compliant. This means it lets you scan documents directly in to the application. For this feature to work properly, you must have a TWAIN compliant scanner (most scanners are TWAIN compliant). The scanner drivers must be correctly installed on your machine. You must also ensure that the scanner is connected to your PC and switched on before you attempt to scan documents in to Globodox.

Globodox also supports scanners with an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) attachment. Such scanners allow users to place a stack of documents on the scanner/ADF tray. These documents are then automatically picked up by the ADF and fed to the scanner without requiring manual intervention. ADF scanners are extremely convenient if you need to scan a lot of documents.

Globodox also supports duplex scanning (if your scanner supports it). Even if your scanner does not support duplex scanning, you can scan both sides of the document using Globodox's Virtual Duplex Scanning mode.




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