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You can quickly search a Globodox folder by holding the Ctrl+J buttons on the keyboard.


To Search a Globodox Folder

1.In Globodox, select Folders node in the Navigation pane.
2.Right click a Folder and select the Jump to... option. Or type Ctrl + J on your keyboard. The Jump to... dialog will now be launched.
3.Select the Folders option to search folders.
4.Enter the name of the folder or the first few characters of the folder name in the text box.
In case the folder name consists of more than one word and the word you type has less than three characters, you can prefix or suffix it with one or more asterisks (*). For example, if you want to jump to the My Documents folder, you can type *My or My* in the Jump to... dialog.
5.The folder or a list of folder that matches or contains the word you have entered will be displayed in the drop-down list.
6.Select the Folder that you want to go to, and hit the Enter key.
7.The selected folder will now be displayed.



For every document in Globodox, you can see the folder to which it is related (stored in). It can be seen under Information panel --> Information tab --> Other Information --> Related Folder. The folder name is linked to the folder. Globodox automatically creates a hyperlink to the folder so that when you click the link, it jumps to that folder, where you can see the list of documents under that folder.


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