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You can select the fields that you want to include in the Quick Search by using the Customize Quick Search dialog. The Quick Search searches in fields like the Document Title, File Name and the Document Text. You can change this and select only the fields (displayed in the List View) that you want to search in.


To select Fields to include in Quick Search

1.In Globodox, click the Quick Search drop-down.
2.Now, select the Choose columns for Quick Search... option. The Customize Quick Search dialog will be launched.

3.All the columns (fields) that can be searched will now be listed. Select the columns you want to include in the Quick Search box.
4.Click the OK button to save the settings. You will now be able to search the selected fields using the Quick Search.



Please note that currently Quick Search does not support Pick List Multiple field and Lookup field. So these fields will not be listed in the Customize Quick Search dialog.
Search from the quick search is only possible for columns that you can see in the grid below it. To search for a document for which you know the document type, you will need to go to that Document Type and then search in the fields for the same.
To search for text in a document you will need to ensure that text has been extracted from that document.
Please note that if you select all the columns it may effect the search performance, i.e. it may take some time to display the search results. Therefore it is recommended to only select the column that is of importance to your search.


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