Send a Document for Approval

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You can send documents for Approval from by using the Route option.

To Send a Document for Approval

1.In Globodox, select the document(s) that you want to send to another user for approval.
2.Click the Route option of the Home tab. You can also right click the selected document and choose the Route... option. The Route window will be launched.
3.Select the workflow that is created to approve document(s) from the Select Workflow drop down.
4.Enter a unique name for this approval process in the Display name box. This name will be used to identify and monitor the approval process in Workflow Monitor.
5.Select the priority of the Workflow from the Priority drop down. There are three levels of priority: Low, Normal, and High which can be used to emphasize the importance of the process.
6.Set a due Date and Time to complete the process by using the Due option. If this process is not completed in the stipulated time by the user to who it is assigned to, then the entire process will be marked as red in their Inbox.
7.Enter a short description or any notes about the selected documents or Stack items in the Comments box.
4.Click the Apply button to begin the Workflow.


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