Set the Document Type of a Document

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You can set the Document Type of a document by dragging and dropping the document to that Document Type.


To Set a Document Type of a Document

1.Select a document from the List View pane, to set its Document Type. The document will now be displayed in the Document Details pane.
2.By default the Information pane will be displayed on the left side of the Document Details pane. Select a Document Type from the Document Type drop-down. The Data Fields of the selected Document Type will now be displayed.
3.Enter appropriate descriptive/indexing information of the document in the respective data fields.
4.Click the Save button on the Information bar.


To view documents based on their types, expand the Document Types node in the Navigation pane of the Globodox main window and select a Document Type (e.g. Invoice). All the documents that have their Document Type set to Invoice will now be displayed in the List View pane.
Use the Undo button on the Information bar to undo the changes you made, in the Information pane.
You can assign a common Document Type to multiple documents together. To do this, first select the documents. Then go to Document Details pane --> Information pane --> Document Type drop-down --> select the relevant document type from the drop-down. This will update all the documents with the new, common document type.

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