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You can Tag multiple documents together by selecting them and entering keywords in the Tag box of the Document Details window.


To Tag Multiple Documents

1.In Globodox, select the documents from the List View pane.
2.Enter the common tags for these documents in the Tags box of the Documents Details pane. You can add as many relevant tags as you want by separating each tag with a semi-colon or a space.
Alternatively, you can drag and drop these documents onto the relevant tag in the Tags node. If you want to add more than one tag together, you will need to drag and drop the documents to each tag separately.
3.Click outside the Tags box or press Enter to apply the tags. If the tags added are new, they will get listed in the Tags node along with the other tags.



All tags are listed in the Tags node of the Navigation pane.
You can select a tag from the Tags node, to view the the documents attached to it.
You can also drag and drop documents from your disk to the Tag. You can also drag and drop text from a RTF file to a tag. For more information, see Drag and Drop Documents to a Tag.
When you add tags for multiple documents together, the existing tags of those documents are retained. In case you want to delete all the existing tags of those documents together, delete them before adding the new, common tags. First select all the documents. Then click the 'Delete' button (). This will delete all existing tags of those documents. Now you can add the new tags. Deleting existing tags after adding the new tags will cause even the new ones to be deleted.
Points to remember while tagging a document...
Enter words that describe the document. For e.g. email, fax, invoice, etc.
Use words that a user would use to search a document.
To modify a common tag for multiple documents together, first create the correct tag in the Tags node. Then click the old tag which you wanted to modify. Now select the relevant documents together and drag and drop them onto the new tag in the Tags node. The documents will now no longer be visible under the old tag from the Tags node, neither will any of them have the old tag when previewed in the Documents Details pane.

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