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What are Tags?

Tags are keywords that you can attach to documents. Tags should be the most likely words that a person would type to find a document. For e.g. Lets you have scanned Invoice received from Acme corp for the month of January. To tag this document you should use words like invoice, AcmeCorp.

Why do I need Tags?

You can use tags to categorize documents and make them easier to find. You can also use folders to group/categorize documents but a document can only be part of one folder. Sometimes a document can have multiple categories and this is where tags come in handy because multiple tags can be attached to the same document.
A combination of folders and tags is a powerful way of managing your documents.

How many Tags can I attach to a Document?

You can attach as many tags as you like. Just use a semicolon to separate them.  Each tag must be a single word and cannot contain a space.

Do I have to attach Tags to Documents?

Its not mandatory to attach tags. Tagging is the quickest and the easiest way of indexing your documents.


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