Update Common Information for Multiple Documents

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If two or more documents have common indexing information, you can update them together.

To Update Common Information for Multiple Documents

1.In Globodox, select Workspace > Document Types in the Navigation pane.
2.Select a Document Type from the Document Type node.
3.This will display all the documents under this document type in the List pane.
4.Select all the documents for which you want to update common indexing information. Doing this will display the indexing fields as blank (empty/without any value entered).
5.Enter appropriate descriptive/indexing information for the documents in the respective data fields in the Information pane of the Document Details pane.
Whatever you enter in any field will apply to all the documents. If you want to retain the value of an indexing field of a particular document(s), then leave that field empty.
6.Click the Save button on the Information bar to save the information.


There is no limit to the number of documents that can be selected for updating common information. However, by default, as the number of documents displayed in the List View pane is 50, you may want to change it if you need to update more documents together. To display more documents in the List View pane, see Change the number of items being displayed in List View. Once updated, you can revert to the default display of 50 documents if you want.

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