Virtual Duplex scanning mode

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Globodox has always supported duplex scanning i.e. scanning both sides of a page and storing them in the correct order in a PDF or TIFF file. However this required your scanning to have built-in support for duplex scanning. With the new Virtual Duplex scanning mode, Globodox can now handle duplex scanning even with scanners which do not have built-in support for duplex scanning.

This is how it works...

Put a stack of documents in to your scannerís ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). Globodox will scan the front side of each document. Now simply flip the stack of documents and place them in your scannerís ADF. Globodox will now scan the back side of all the documents in the stack. After this Globodox will automatically re-arrange the scanned pages so that the reverse side of each scanned page comes immediately after the front side of that page in the PDF or TIFF file.

The virtual duplex mode also works if your scanner does not have an ADF (i.e. you scan using the flatbed of your scanner). However in this case, you have to individually flip each document after their front side is scanned.



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