What are Data Fields

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What are Data Fields?

When you add documents to Globodox, you would also want to add descriptive/indexing information along with each document. This information could include data items like Author Name, Title, Subject etc. Each of these items of data is known as a data field.
You can create data fields for Document Types and Stack Types.


Whenever you add a Data Field to a Document Type or Stack Type, you will need to specify the Data Type for that field. A field's Data Type specifies the type of data that can be stored in that field.

Below is the list of Data Types available in Globodox and the type of data that can be stored in fields of these Data Types.

Data Type




Use this to enter text or combinations of text and numbers, as well as numbers that don't require calculations, such as phone numbers.

Up to 255 characters


Use this to enter lengthy text or combination of text and numbers

Up to 65,536 characters


Use this to enter email address

Up to 255 characters


Use this to enter web links



Use this to enter numeric data used in mathematical calculations



Use this to enter Decimal values



Use this to enter Currency values



Use this to enter Date values for the years through 1601 to 9999



Use this to enter Time values



Use this to enter both Date and Time value



Yes or No values, fields that contain only one of the two values



Use this to create single item from a list.



Use this to be able to select multiple items from a list.



Use this to be able to store a link to a Stack or a Document



What is a Primary Field?

A primary field is a field that is used to represent its document or Stack. In other words it is used as the display name to identify its Stack or document.

For example:
For a 'Customer' Stack Type the 'Name' data field (customer's name) can be its Primary Field. By default, a document's Primary Field is its name.

Primary field has the following uses:

Value of the primary field is used to identify individual Document Type or Stack items.
When a field is defined as a Lookup field the values of the primary field of the referenced entity (Document Type or Stack) are used for display in the Lookup field.

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