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What are Globodox Folders?

Globodox folders can be used to categorize documents in a hierarchical manner. Globodox folders are simple and easy to use and work the same as folders work in Windows Explorer. To retrieve a document all you need to do is navigate to the folder and find your document.

Folders in Globodox are backed by a database and can manage a large number of documents with ease. You can also find your documents without any problem from a Globodox Folder by using the Quick Search box or the Advanced Search.

The folder approach becomes cumbersome to use when you have lots of folders or a very deeply nested folder hierarchy. This approach also does not work when a document needs to belong to several categories (a document can belong to only one folder).

when you create a  Globodox folder no folder is being created on your system. Globodox folders are just used to categorize your documents and not store them. All your documents are stored in the DB's File Store.

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