What is Document Check-in/Checkout?

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What is document Check-in/Checkout?

The Document Check In/Check Out feature is especially useful in a multi-user scenario where multiple users will be working with the same Globodox DB. Suppose you want to review and make modifications to a MS Word document which has been added to Globodox. Lets assume that it will take you three days to make these modifications to the document.

In a conventional scenario if you open the document in MS Word, then no other user on the network would be able to open the same document for editing. But this restriction will only apply till you have the document opened in MS Word. The other user can open the document as soon as you close it in your copy of MS Word. As per the above assumption the modification is likely to take you three days. In these three days you will open the document, make changes and close it several times. If while you had the document closed, another user was to open, edit and save the document your changes could get overwritten leading to loss of time, efforts and lot of needless confusion. The Check In/Check Out feature provides a simple elegant way to solve this problem.

With Globodox, when you want to make modifications to a document, you first check it out. Once you have checked out a document, then to all users that document will appear as a checked out document. This way they know that the document is being modified by some other user. Additionally when the document is checked out by you, no other user can check out the document (and therefore modify it) unless you check in the document or cancel the check out. While a document is in the checked out state, other users can still view the document (as it was at the time you checked it out).

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