What is Document Encryption

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The document encryption feature enables you to store documents added to Globodox in an encrypted form.

Any documents you add to a Globodox DB, get added to a normal Windows folder, associated with that Globodox. Globodox calls this folder the File Store for that Globodox DB. If you do not enable the document encryption feature, then unauthorized access to the documents is possible if someone bypasses Globodox and uses Windows Explorer to access the documents stored in the default File Store.

If you enable the document encryption feature for a Globodox DB, then any document you add to that Globodox DB will be encrypted before it is stored in it's Default File Store. That way, even if someone accessed the documents using Windows Explorer, they would still not be able to view or open the documents, as the documents would be in encrypted form.

Therefore the only way to view the document or open it for editing would be through Globodox. Globodox would only decrypt the document to allow the currently logged in user to view the document or open it for editing, if that user had the required View or Modify permissions for the document. If you enable the Automatically encrypt document on check-in option for a Globodox DB, then the entire encryption/decryption process is transparent to the user and no extra steps are required to encrypt or decrypt the documents.

Documents will be automatically encrypted when you check them in (also when you add them for the first time). When you checkout the document, then a decrypted copy of the document will be placed in your Checkout folder. Once encrypted, the document always remains in encrypted form in the File Store unless you specifically decrypt the document.

If you do not want all documents added to a Globodox DB, to be automatically encrypted but would prefer to selectively encrypt documents then you can only enable the Enable selective document encryption option.

Globodox lets you choose the algorithm and the key strength you want to use while encrypting documents. Globodox supports the AES (Rijndael), Blowfish and Triple DES encryption algorithms. Depending on the algorithm you use key strengths ranging from 128 bit to 256 bit are supported.

By default Globodox encrypts all documents using AES 128 bit encryption


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