What is Document Versioning

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The document versioning allows you to create and retain multiple versions of the same document.

There are two ways to create document versions. They are...

Simple Versioning

This allows you to select and add or scan and add a document as a newer version of any document stored in Globodox. Globodox then stores the existing document as an older version, increments the major version number by one and adds the new document as the current version.

For example:
Add a document called Test.txt
The version number of this document will be 1.0
Now check out text.txt
Now check in another document called AnotherTest.txt as a new version of Test.txt
Globodox will add AnotherTest.txt as the latest (current) version of Test.txt
The version number for AnotherTest.txt will be 2.0

Versioning on Check-in

If you enable this option, every time you check out and then check in a document, Globodox will store the current version of the document as an old version, increment the major version number by one and then add the document being checked in as the new version.

For example:
Assuming that the Create a new version on document check-in option has been enabled.
Add a document called Test.txt.
The version number of this document will be 1.0
Now checkout Test.txt, modify it and then check it back in.
Globodox will store the 1.0 version of Test.txt as an old version.
Globodox will add the modified Test.txt as the latest (current) version of Test.txt
The version number for the newly added Test.txt will be 2.0

Promoting an old version

You can promote an old version of a document to the latest version at anytime.
For example:
Lets assume that the current version of a document is 6 and you promote an older version 4 as the current version. Globodox will make a copy of version 4 of the document and promote that copy as version 7. Version 6 of the document will be saved as an old version.

Number of Versions

You can choose to have an unlimited number of versions for each document or set an upper limit for the number of versions.

An upper limit to the number of versions can be set for the Globodox DB and will apply to all the documents in that Globodox DB.

After the upper limit for a document's versions has been reached, the oldest version of the document is deleted every time you add a new version of that document.

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