What is a Globodox DB?

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Globodox DB is a database which stores all the data you enter and also stores references to all the documents that you add to the database.

There are three types of Globodox DBs...

MS Access based Globodox DBs
MS SQL Server based Globodox DBs
MySQL based Globodox DBs


You can change the type of a Globodox DB at anytime. For example you can easily convert a MS Access Globodox DB to a MS SQL Server based Globodox DB or a MySQL based Globodox DB at anytime.

MySQL 5 or higher along with MySQL ODBC Client driver 5.1 are supported

File Store

A Globodox DB is always linked to a local or network folder in which any documents you add to that DB are stored. Globodox refers to this folder as the DB's File Store.

File Store Folder - The folder in which the files added to the Globodox DB are stored

When you create a new Globodox DB, Globodox will automatically suggest paths for the Default File Store. You can accept the folder suggested by Globodox or provide your own path for folder.

You can create multiple file stores but this is normally not required. One reason to create a new file store would be if the disk on which your current file store is located is running out of disk space. In this case you can create a new file store for the DB in a different location and mark it as the Default File Store. Though a DB can have multiple file stores, any documents you add are always added to the DB's Default File Store (the file store currently marked as default).

Once you create a new Globodox DB you can create folders, tags, document types and stack types that you think you will need and then start adding your documents.

MS Access based Globodox DB have the .GXDB extension.


Master DB

The MainDB.gxdb which is shipped by default, is designated as the Master DB. This means that apart from your indexing data it also holds security information about Roles, Users and Groups. Any additional DBs you create can only hold indexing data and the Master DB will always be used for Security Data.

When you start Globodox the Main DB is opened by default. You can set another DB to open by default if you wish.

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