Where Does Globodox Store All My Data

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Globodox Database

Globodox uses a database to store all the information you add to it. Globodox databases can be MS Access based, MS SQL Server based or MySQL based. MS Access based Globodox DBs have a .GXDB extension. Every Globodox DB is linked to a Windows folder. When you add a file to Globodox, it copies the file to a special folder linked to the Globodox DB. Globodox refers to this folder as the File Store. Information about the newly added file is stored in the Globodox DB. The Globodox DB also holds information about what folder the file was added to, what tags have been attached to it as well any indexing data entered for the file.


Master DB

When you install Globodox, a default MS Access based Globodox DB is automatically installed (you can change the type of this DB to MS SQL Server or MySQL at anytime). This DB is called Main DB.gxdb and this DB is also designated as the Master DB. Apart from information about the files you add, the Master DB also contains security information related to the users, groups and roles that you create. Though you can create multiple DBs in Globodox, only one DB can be designated as the Master DB. The Master DB also contains the list of all other DBs that you create.


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