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Globodox Workflow Designer is an application that provides a simple method to create and design powerful workflows as per your work processes.

The workflow designer window is divided into three sections the first section on the left side is the Task pane, the one in the center is the Workflow Designer pane and the section on the right side is the Task Properties pane.

Task pane
The Task pane contains all the Tasks that can be used to create a workflow. The Task pane contains, the General Activities section and the Conditions And Loops section.

Workflow Designer Pane
The Workflow Designer pane is used to list down the sequence of tasks involved in the business process.

Properties Pane
The Properties pane is used to view, enter and change the properties of the currently selected Task in the Workflow Designer Pane. For e.g. Approve Documents Task has properties like No of Approvals, Approvers, Max Recipients etc

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