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What is Globodox Workflow?

Globodox Workflow can be used to route documents/tasks to a particular user (or set of users) to perform actions as per your current work processes. In other words Globodox Workflow helps with the automation of business processes. A user can either be a person or a computer application.

What can I use Globodox Workflow for?

You can use Globodox workflow to automate the routing of documents as per the current business processes of your organization. You can do this by creating and assigning tasks using logical and rule based procedures that are similar to those used by your organization to do the same task in real life scenario.

For a simple example see: Workflow created for Acme Corp using Globodox Workflow

Features of Globodox Workflow...

1.The Workflow Designer application provides a simple method to create and design your workflow as per your work processes.
2.Several pre-defined Tasks are available that you can use while designing your workflow.
3.Several Conditions And Loops are available to conditionally perform certain tasks or to perform certain tasks repeatedly..
4.Workflow tasks can be assigned to one or more users.
5.You can notify any user about any workflow event.
6.Workflow Inbox application provides an easy to use way to view and perform tasks assigned to you as well as to view notifications sent to you.
7.Workflow Monitor application provides an easy to use way to monitor the on going workflow.

Advantages of Globodox Workflow...

1.Documents can never be lost or misplaced.
2.Documents are always passed on to the right person. Thus, eliminating the chances of sensitive/confidential data being leaked.
3.Increased chances of the Task/Project being completed in the stipulated time.
4.Manpower requirement can be reduced.
5.Savings of time as well as money.
6.Productivity increases mean increased profit.

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