How to hide certain document types from selected users

How to hide certain document types from selected users


What are document types & how do they help?

Users can sometimes put documents in wrong folders, or add duplicate tags with different spellings. Also Folders and Tags are not very flexible in cases where a document needs to be categorized in multiple ways. Document Types are a superior method of organizing documents. Defining a document type lets you categorize documents based on their content, for eg: receipts, contracts, invoices, etc. You can also add custom indexing fields to every document type like date, amount, vendor name, payment method, etc. And also define the type of data that can be entered in each indexing field, for eg: date in the ‘date’ field, numerical data in the ‘amount’ field, text in the ‘vendor name’ field, and cash, cheque or card in the ‘payment method’ field.

How to hide certain document types from select users?

*Note* You will need to login as a super admin to proceed further.

To restrict any user from viewing certain document types, you will first need to create a new user group, add the user to the new group & remove the user from the old group.

To create a new user group, click on settings & go to groups. Create a new group & add the user to it. By default, when a new user is created their primary group is selected as ‘Users’. You will need to change that as well.

Once you have added the user in the new group, you can change the user’s primary group by clicking on ‘Set as Primary’. You will also have to remove the user from the ‘Users’ group. To do this, go to the ‘Users’ group, select the user you want to remove and click on ‘Remove Member’.

Once all the above is taken care of, click on the GLOBODOX icon, go to options & DB options. Scroll down to the ‘customize navigation pane’ section & click on customize. Then, select the new group, and uncheck the document types you want to hide from users in this group & click on ok. The users in the new group will no longer be able to access the unchecked document types.


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