Disconnect an Active User

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The Connected Users node displays a list of all the users/applications currently logged in to Globodox. The Connected Users node can also be used to forcefully log off any logged in user.

To Disconnect an Active User

1.In Globodox, select Settings > System Settings > Connected Users in the Navigation pane.
2.Select a user from the right pane i.e. the Connected Users list and click the Disconnect button on the Ribbon bar to disconnect the user.
3.The user will now be disconnected.

To Find out any Inactive users and Disconnect them

1.Click Start > All Programs > Globodox Desktop > Globodox Connection Manager. The Globodox Connection Manager will now be launched.
2.Login to Connection Manager as a superadmin.
3.Select inactive users and click on the Disconnect button to disconnect the user.



You can click the Refresh button on the Ribbon bar to refresh the contents of the connection list.
Some times Globodox displays a message saying that the maximum number of users already logged into Globodox. However nobody has logged into Globodox. This usually happens when Globodox  is not shut down properly and the logging off process is not completed.

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