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You can burn documents from within Globodox to a CD/DVD by using the Export to CD/DVD option.

To Burn Documents on a CD/DVD

1.In Globodox, select Workspace > All Documents in the Navigation pane. The documents will be displayed in the List View pane.
2.Select the Home tab and click the Export drop-down in the Collaborate group.
3.Click the Export to CD/DVD option. The Export to CD/DVD window will be launched.
4.Select one of the following options to export the documents:
a)If you want to export all the documents from the list select the All Documents option.
b)If you want to export only the queried results, select the Search results option.
c)If you want to export the selected items select the Selected documents in the grid option.
5.Select the burning device from the Choose Device drop down.
6.Select the burning speed from the Choose speed drop down.
7.Click the Burn button to start the burning process.


To erase a disc before burning the data, select the Erase disc before writing option.
Select Verify disc after burning option to verify the data that has been burnt on the CD/DVD correctly.

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