Use a Export Profile to Export Data

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Globodox uses Export Profile to simplify the process of exporting documents. Export Profile is a collections of frequently used settings which can be saved and reused to export documents. Instead of specifying these settings every time you export documents, you can specify these settings once and save them as a Export Profile.

You can create as many Export Profiles as you want.

To use a Export Profile to Export Data

1.In Globodox, open the DB whose data you want to export.
2.Once the DB is opened, select Workspace > All Documents in the Navigation pane.
3.Select the Home tab and click the Export button in the Collaborate group. The Data Export window will now be launched.
4.Select the export profile from the Saved Profile drop-down.
5.Click the Export Saved Profile button to begin exporting.
6.Click the Close button to close the wizard.



To delete a Export Profile, click the Delete button besides the Saved Profile box.

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