Introduction to changes in Globodox 9

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Below are changes to features that you will see in version 9 of Globodox:

1.Globodox Server
Globodox Server is a service which runs in the background on the machine on which Globodox is installed in Server mode. The Server needs to be running for Globodox Desktop Client and all other modules including the Globodox Mobile App to work.
Upgrading Globodox on the server machine
By default the Globodox Server is configured to listen on port 5511. If you change this port while installing the upgrade setup then you must ensure that the firewall is configured to allow connections on this port.
Upgrading Globodox on the client machine
While installing the upgrade setup on the client machine, you must enter the URL of the machine on which Globodox Server is installed along with the port it is listening on. For example, if Globodox server is installed on a machine named MACHINE1 having IP address and listening on port 5511 then you can enter the URL of the Server in the setup as



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2. Login
Globodox Login Manager
Globodox Login Manager lets you specify the location of the Globodox server. It also lets you control when and how often Globodox Desktop Client and other Globodox Apps should ask you to login before allowing access.

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Logout behavior has changed
Starting from Globodox version 9, users will not be logged out of Globodox when they close the Globodox Desktop Client. This is done so that the Globodox Apps that are installed on the machine keep running even when Globodox Desktop Client closes.
If you would like to change this behavior, you can do so in the Options dialog in the Globodox Desktop Client. You can configure Globodox to
* Always logout
* Never logout
* Prompt before logging out
Auto-Login & Clear password options moved
The auto login and clear password options that were available from the Options dialog have now been moved to the Globodox Login Manager
3.Folder Monitor

Folder Monitor is now renamed to Local Capture Folder. Everything else remains the same. You will not need change any configuration. Local Capture Folder will continue to monitor the folders that you had already configured in Folder Monitor. To add to this, the folders being monitored by the Local Capture Folder will appear in the folder list displayed when using the Send To feature to send a document to Globodox.



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