Place a Watermark on a Document

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Globodox lets you place a Watermark on your documents (for example confidential documents can have a watermark with the text "CONFIDENTIAL")

To Place a Watermark on a Document

1.Select the document. The document will be displayed in the Document Details pane.
2.Click on the Watermark button on the Annotation toolbar.The Watermark dialog will be launched.
3.Select the option Text watermark. In the text box, enter the text for the watermark.
4.Choose the color and layout for the Watermark being placed on the document.
5.Click on the OK button.


Watermark privileges are currently combined with Annotation privileges. A user having the Add annotation privilege can add a watermark on a document.
A watermark once added on the document cannot be removed by any other user. Only the owner of the watermark can modify or remove it.
Users can print documents without the watermark only if they have the privilege to 'Distribute Document without Watermark'. This privilege is available in the Other privileges section in the Role dialog.


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