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You can print a document by clicking the Print button of the Home tab.

To Print a Document

1.In Globodox, select Workspace > All Documents in the Navigation pane. The documents will be displayed in the List View pane.
2.Select a document to print from the List View pane.
3.On the Home tab click the Print button. This will bring up the Print Document window.
4.Select a printer to print the document from the Selected Printer drop-down. Click the Properties button to view the printer's properties.
5.In the Page Range section specify the range of pages to be printed.
a)Select the All Pages option to print all the pages of the selected document.
b)Select the Pages option and type specific page numbers or a page ranges separated by commas counting from the start of the document. For e.g. Type 1, 3 if you want to print the first and the third page of the document or type 4-8 if you want to print pages starting from the fourth page to the eighth page.
6.Select the Print with annotations option to print the document along with the annotations.
7.Select the users whose annotations you want to print in the User Name section.
8.Click the OK button to print the document.


A few file formats such MS Word, MS Excel etc. cannot be printed by using the Print Document window. When you try to print such files, a Print Progress dialog will be displayed informing you that these files cannot be printed.
To print these files, in the Print Progress dialog, click the Document Title of the file. The document will open in its associated application (e.g. .doc document will open in MS word). Now, use the associated application to print the document.
You can also print the indexed information of a document. For more information, see Print the indexed information of a document.

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