Prompt User for the Condition Value When Applying a Saved Search

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You can create a saved search that prompts you to enter the condition value everytime you apply that saved search.


To Prompt the user for Condition Values when applying a Saved search

1.In Globodox, select Workspace > All Documents in the Navigation pane. The documents will be displayed in the List View pane.
2.Click the Double own Arrow button to bring up the Advanced Search pane.
3.Select a column name (indexing field) from the Field Name drop down, to search in a particular column (indexing field).
4.Select the appropriate comparison operator (i.e. contains, begins with, equal to etc.) from the Comparison drop down.
5.Enter the value which will be used for the comparison in the Compare To box.
6.You can add more criteria to your search by clicking the Add button. To remove a criteria click the Remove button.
7.To get a result which matches all the criteria's specified by you, select the Match all conditions option from the Conditions drop down. To get a result which matches any criteria, select the Match any conditions option from the Conditions drop down
8.Click the Save As... button to save this query. The Save Search window will be launched.
9.Enter a name for the query in the Name box, enter a short description about the query in the Description box.
10.Check the Prompt for condition values before searching option to prompt the user to enter the values for the search condition.
11.Click the OK button to save the query.
12.Now when you will apply the saved search, a box will pop-up, asking you to enter the conditions value to perform the search.


To clear the Query Result, click the Clear button.
To view the saved query click the Saved Searches > Custom Search node in Workspace
You can also search for Users, Groups etc. using the Advanced Search.

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