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What do you want to do?

Find Documents Quickly

Quickly locate documents stored in the DB.

Select Fields to Include in the Quick Search

Select fields to include in Quick Search

Narrow Down the Search Result

Use Advanced Search to add criteria's to your search.

Document Full Text Search

Search for text within the body of a document.

Save a Search Criteria

Save a query to re-use it later.

Export the Search Result

Export the Search Result to a text file.

Prompt User for the Condition Value When Applying Saved Search

Prompt User for the Condition Value When Applying a Saved Search

Share a Saved Search
Share a saved search owned by you with other users

Restrict Saved Search from Other Users
Restrict folders from users who have privileges to view them

Print the Search Results along with the Query ConditionsPrint the search results along with advanced search conditions




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