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You can save the changes you have made to the extracted text of a document.


To Save the Extracted text from Document

1.Select the document that you want to extract from the List View pane.
2.Click the More drop down arrow and select the Extract and Index option of the Home tab.
3.The text from the document will now be extracted and indexed.
4.Click the More drop down arrow and select the Show Extracted Text option of the Home tab.
5.The extracted text will now be displayed in a window. Make changes or correction to the text.
6.Click the Save button to save the extracted text


Globodox uses it's built-in text extractor for MS Word (DOC, DOCX), MS Excel (XLS, XLSX) and PDF files. In case of any other file formats, for Globodox to be able to extract text from a file of that particular format, an IFilter for that file format must be installed on the user's machine.

   IFilters for the following file formats are installed by default on Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008//Vista/7 machines...

PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint presentation)
HTML documents
TXT documents


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