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All the documents that are sent to you for approval will be listed as task for you in the Inbox (Tasks) folder.

To Approve a Document

1.In Globodox. click the Task and Messages > Inbox (Tasks) in the Workspace. All the task assigned to you will now be displayed in the right pane i.e., the List View pane.
2.Select a task from the list that needs your approval. The task will now be displayed in the Details pane.
3.The Information tab will show you the Subject, Message and Comments of the task.
4.Click the Attachment tab to view the documents that are attached to the task. Double click the document to view it in the Document Details window.
5.The right section of the Task pane has the options to approve the document(s). Select Yes/No option from the Approved drop-down to approve/reject the document. You can enter your comments in the Comments box.
6.Click the Apply button to complete your task.



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